Variations Vase 06A

Variations Vase 06A
Presented:Salone del Mobile 2012, Milan
Categories: Interior accessoriesTable accessoriesVases
Product description

Featuring multiple, stackable forms in clear or coloured crystal, the Variations collection of stemware and vases is a series of surprises. Pleated, smooth, or cut, in different diameters and heights, the bowls focus attention on the solid, tactile nature of each base. Accented by acid colour hues, the glasses exude a relaxed, neo-pop vibe, while each vase, radiating a pale, soft halo, is almost sculptural in effect, magnified by a novel glass-cutting technique that is unique and, so far, unparalleled. A tribute to Colorama, Variations has reinvented crystal, fusing contrast and close harmony, solid and light, to ensure that every piece sings in unison.

Materialcrystal glass
Colorsshades of green
shades of red
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Baccarat, France

Patricia Urquiola