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Product description

Bd was launched in 1972 as a producer of contemporary furniture with a piece that is now a part of design history: the Flamingo lamp by the Portuguese architect siza vieira. The current halogen version was introduced in 1985.

“The extraor

dinary thing about the Flamingo cannot be appreciated in photographs, nor even in detailed design plans. What distinguishes it from any other lamp is its use. Its unusual height, the quality of its light, the neutrality and apparent fragility of its varia

ble and detachable structure, the mobility of its very delicate wings, all allow for unsuspected uses. It can be a substitute for a candle at dinner, light up a picture or bookrest, allow reading in bed without disturbing the possible bedfellow...”.

Óscar Tusquets

Width 950 mm
Height 1000 mm
Depth 485 mm
Material chrome steel
Colors chrome

BD Barcelona Design, Spain

Álvaro Siza Vieira