Karo floor lamp

Presented:Light + Building 2014, Frankfurt
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Product description

Karo, the new LED light family is characterised by the perfectly elegant, square lamp head made of cast aluminium. The conical radiuses and the two optical plates make it seem as though the floor, table and suspension lights are floating in the air. The luminaires have a light and transparent appearance, even when the light is off. Karo provides adequate lighting for workstations and is equally suitable for general lighting purposes, i.e. in corridors, training rooms, shops or arcades.

The LEDs are recessed in the sides of the lamp head, sending the light horizontally through the optical system, which in turn distributes it in equal parts upwards and downwards. The applied lighting control technology (patent pending), ensures symmetrical glare-free and very even illumination of ceilings and table surfaces. Karo complies with the requirements for workplace lighting (EN-12464-1). Consuming 90 Watts, the luminaire is capable of lighting a double workstation. As the LEDs are integrated into the frame and thus hidden from view, Karo merely appears as a homogeneous surface of light, even when seen from above. The entirely closed system is easy to clean too.

The floor light and the desk-mounted luminaire are also available with asymmetrical lighting control. This version can be placed in an out-of-centre position or next to the table and still ensure even and powerful illumination of the desk surface. Moreover, the lamp head of this model can be tilted, allowing wider table surfaces to be illuminated.

Diffuser/reflector shapesquare with rounded corners
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