Slim-EP suspension

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Product description

The aim when developing SLIM was to build a light which is as slender as possible and mininmalised and at the same time subordinate the design to the light. The planner should obtain a tool which he can use individually to solve a wide range of lighting problems.. A modular lighting system was the result, which can be used as a single light element or as a system for series assembly. Thus, SLIM can be mounted directly on the wall or ceiling and also singly as a suspension light or quickly and easily in series assembly. Light components are available in four different lengths and seven lamp powers. The light components are joined together and through-wired using seven connecting elements. A cover in which films can be inserted on one side or on many sides was developed for SLIM. This patented light system can deflect the light individually or produce an atmospheric light mood using colour films. If desired SLIM is also available in a dimmer version and as an emergency light element. Electronic ballast units using T5 technology guarantee high quality, reliability and safety. SLIM combines economical energy consumption, long life, individual light directing and universal applicatio.n


1x 24/39/54/49W, T5 FQ, G5

Emission classA+
Stand/ mountingwith pendant hanging
Diffuser/reflector shaperectangular
Length592 mm / 892 mm / 1192 mm / 1492 mm
Height74 mm
Depth34 mm
Form of protection (DIN 40050)IP20 protection against: solids > 12 mm
Safety classclass I (protective earthing)
Colorsshades of yellow
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belux, Switzerland

Christoph Steinemann

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