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The Nendo Collection for Bisazza Bagno captures the pure aesthetic and refined lines of Nendo’s signature style, lending a sense of understated sophistication and polish to the bathroom setting. From the bathtub to the sinks, drawers, and more, each piece

designed by Nendo for Bisazza Bagno appears to be “encased” in a box, a theme that runs through the collection. The line is complemented by a rich selection of accessories including vases, clocks, shelves and mirrors each designed to serve a dual purpose

. Each piece in the collection can be displayed on its own or combined with a complementary piece, thus creating an innovative and original whole. Vases piled on top of each other form a unique visual arrangement, a series of wall clocks creates an optica

l illusion, and the surface of the mirrors, which have been partially cut away, echo the shape of small water droplets; all forms used in the collection can be adapted and deconstructed to suit individual needs and tastes. The Nendo Collection also incorp

orates Bisazza’s first use of larch wood, a natural material known for its warm, golden hues. The clean, minimalist lines of the Nendo designs are balanced by the warmth of the larch wood; when paired together in The Nendo Collection these elements create

a welcoming and serene environment.

Sato describes his inspiration for The Nendo Collection: Bathroom is … In the past, Japanese bathrooms were a place for communication. Families bathing together as well as public baths were very common until fe

w decades ago. Now, the bathing experience has become very private and functional, even in Japan. The collection envisions the bathing environment to be very private and functional, but having the sense of 'gathering’. A silent yet comfortable space that

enables you to communicate with yourself, just like the traditional tea rooms in Japan.

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Bisazza, Italy