Product description

The first models are destined for an apartment building in Arnhem in The Netherlands. The product’s creators, the Amsterdam-based Hofman Dujardin Architects explain the Bloomframe® balcony could soon become a familiar element of the modern cityscape as mo

re architects, developers and builders realize its considerable functional and aesthetic benefits. According to the company’s co-founder, Michiel Hofman: “The Bloomframe® balcony is playing an essential role in the positive evolution of our cities, encour

aging us to re-think and improve interior space options. Bloomframe® helps us live better.” The Bloomframe® balcony offers inhabitants of apartments, offices and hotels the ultimate flexible living environment: an insulated picture window one minute and a

fresh, open balcony the next, cleverly adding vital space to compact interiors and bringing the outdoors in. The unique balcony is engineered by Dutch manufacturer Hurks geveltechniek. It consists of tough all-weather materials and controlled by a smooth

electronic system. Hurks obtained all the necessary certifications to transform the prototype into a safe and affordable building component. Its dimensions, colour and materials are all fully adaptable and can be custom-designed to complement the façade

of new and existing buildings.


Bloomframe®, Netherlands