Arthur Wall Lamp

Arthur Wall Lamp
Product description

He emerges as a conqueror when the darkness is fenced off. Proudly overlooking the arena where he reigns. Behind his metal curtain he shines his light, guarding everyone around.

In the ARTHUR collection the aesthetics from times gone by have been taken and reinvented into a new contemporary lighting object. In a chain of a thousand twisted strips of 3 mm thick steel, a rhythmic texture is created, reminiscent of a knightly presence. An armoured presence with gentle light is the result.

Even though this collection radiates a form of masculinity, each piece can perform in any interior; refined or bare, ornamental or minimalist. It is up to the owner what tone of voice the Arthur will carry.

In 2014, William created the ARTHUR collection in high contrast with his VICTORIA collection, which sparkles and shimmers in a crystal dance. The figurative presence of both lighting sculptures can be recognised in one another, but the character and its influence on the space have a completely different outcome. 

The Arthur collection is available as a conical, oval or round Chandelier, a round Ceiling Lamp as well as a Hanging Lamp, Floor Lamp, Table light and Wall light. All will be delivered in a Nickel finish.

William Brands comments on his work: In a world constrained by deep-rooted cultural norms, I want to capture the hearts and minds through evocative designs: a strong narrative, contemporary attitude and a powerful soul. Therefore almost all my designs carry strong symbols or elements that people in all corners of this world can relate to. The ARTHUR has been placed in various residences and grand hotels, but stands guard as well in a beautiful bridal boutique in Taranto, Italy.


Brand van Egmond, Netherlands

William Brand

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