Broom Wall Lamp

Product description

Bowing gently in the wind, yet remaining fundamentally untouched by the forces that surround us, Broom echoes the importance of agility in life.

Blurring the distinction between an object for daily use and a sculptural light, William Brand designed his BROOM collection. The translation of simple pen strokes on paper into an object with thin metal wires stood at the base of this work.

Strong architectural tones are inserted with a sense of Dutch humour: irony is seen by William as a badge of honour to carry through life. 

Over the length of more than a meter a striped pattern of thin wires veils six independent lightbulbs. The body itself is made of metal sheets, seamlessly welded into a nickel plated frame.

William created hanging lamps, a floor lamp and wall light for this collection. Over the years he also designed customised lighting compositions for public spaces, inspired on the BROOM. The simplicity of the design, yet elegant outcome and beautiful shadow play has made people smile across the globe.

William Brands comments on his work: While experimenting with materials I saw a broom in the corner of my atelier and smiled, realising that irony can be used in design of lighting as well.

Brand van Egmond, Netherlands

William Brand