Coco Chandelier Round

Presented:Salone del Mobile 2017, Milan
Categories: Interior lightingChandeliers
Product description

The strings of deep black and clear crystals, loosely tied around her wrist and neck, fall in a spontaneous and playful way. Coco brings fashion and design together. Keep your eyes wide shut . . . can you handle a flirt with Coco?

The Coco collection was inspired by Coco Chanel, who was known to be fond of jewellery and often wore necklaces that would catch your attention. William Brand took the basic shape of a traditional chandelier and “dressed it up” with crystal beads of our private label. We see the Coco applied to dressing rooms, but also beautiful fashion boutiques are known to make use of the collection. For the palace of a Princess we recently made a customised Coco, of almost 10 meters height, with stunning deep black crystals.

William Brands comments on his work: One of the grandest ladies in fashion, Coco Chanel, always used big amounts of pearls for her appearance. On old black and white pictures of her, you can see her love for decorating herself to perfection. I wanted to use this specific element and translate it into a contemporary lighting sculpture, and name the new piece Coco.

Height750 mm / 950 mm / 1000 mm / 1200 mm
Diameter600 mm / 800 mm / 1000 mm / 1200 mm

Brand van Egmond, Netherlands

William Brand