Eve Chandelier

Presented:Salone del Mobile 2017, Milan
Categories: Interior lightingChandeliers
Product description

To be human, is to be aware that there are forces greater than ourselves. From the majestic power of nature, until the longings deep within our soul. With an elegant twist, although with an undeniable force behind it, the new Eve is crafted. The fruit she carries is tempting… Will the apple be eaten, or not?

With EVE, William Brand goes back to the beginnings of humanity and the figures Adam and Eve. A collection of handmade lighting sculptures is born. EVE challenges you, she is an object of desire.

Eve tells us the story of the creation of mankind: Adam and Eve and the temptation of eating the forbidden apple. Eve is designed as a tree structure, carrying several light globes as her fruit. Each globe stands for a choice we humans can make, yet also allows for rays of light. The collection knows three models, round, oval and conical. All models are available in the finishes copper, nickel, brass, bronze, white matt and black matt.

William Brands comments on his work: With EVE I tried to create a sophisticated yet tranquil object, perfectly crafted with a rich finish. This design asks for interaction. She invites her beholders to slow down, pause and be still. She dares you to free your ideas and spur conversations with others. That’s why Eve needs to be placed in environments where people get together and sit with each other: a dining table, a study, a lounge or maybe even a bedroom. Around Eve I see affection, luxury, calm and the great outdoors.

With Eve the beauty of life started. A life which means having a free will and consequently also making good or less good choices. Or, as the ancient stories tell us, the start of life also meant the start of temptations. Will the apple be eaten, or not...

Brand van Egmond, Netherlands

William Brand