Presented:Salone del Mobile 2017, Milan
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Product description

Retracing our steps through the millennia to the beginning of times, we find ourselves back at the fireplace in the prehistoric cave. Here we realise that the most primal of our needs are safety and warmth. The tree branch and the stone, found at the end of this journey back in time, are combined in a lighting sculpture: the Flintstone.

This time the new collection Flintstone was created for a client William has known all his life…: himself! After a move back to the historic city centre of Amsterdam, his apartment – located on a canal – was in need of a light.

His mindset at the time was less exuberant than normal and the primal – some would say primitive - qualities of this design are a direct result. He needed just one single lightbulb, but an arm that is easily movable from behind the sofa to his table. The result is one of the most basic lighting sculpture in the Brand van Egmond collection, supplying the ’warmth of a crackling open fire’ on a stick.

The Flintstone can be ordered with a different arm length ranging from 70 cm to 240 cm. The branch arm is movable, allowing the light to be adjusted and easily moved through space. With finishes either in black, white or high gloss nickel, the collection has a basic, yet classic appearance. Every stone is unique, and captures the emotion of eternity as well as being used as a functional counterweight.

William Brands comments on his work: The primal instincts of our human race have always had my interest. Years earlier, during my student years at the School of Arts, I designed a spear shaped lighting object, a strongly figurative piece. I included a symbolic rock, on the foundation of the object, as well. Recent changes in my personal life made me revisit some of those earliest designs and thoughts.


Brand van Egmond, Netherlands

William Brand

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