La vie en Rose wall lamp

Product description

Roses have been the symbol of love and passion for centuries. Spirituality and purity are also closely connected to this ‘queen of the fl ower world'.
The poetic and theatrical feeling of a bouquet of roses has been captured in an unique series of ligh

ting sculptures. What has begun as a one of a kind sculptural installation has now beentranslated to the permanent collection of BRAND VAN EGMOND.
La Vie en Rose is a fl exible ‘system' in which you can choose how you would like to compose your bouquet

of roses: they can hang next to each other or the roses can create a chandelier. Besides this it is also possible to take a single rose or dress the fl owers with crystals.
La Vie en Rose translates the feeling of getting showered by Roses after perfo

rming an Opera. Poetry, beauty, drama and love...this bunch of roses has it all and on top of that offers you a very special lighting solution.-

Length150 mm
Width350 mm
Height650 mm
Depth200 mm
Stand/ mountingfixed mounting
Diffuser/reflector shapeorganic
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Brand van Egmond, Netherlands

William Brand

Annet van Egmond