Akustiksystem, Würth Finances Urdorf

Akustiksystem, Würth Finances Urdorf
Product description

Noise and difficult sound conditions have a marked effect on the communication in a room. Good room acoustics are close to the top of the must-have list, particularly in restaurants, where people wish to have a quiet conversation with each other. The prop

erties of the material, for example wood, and the design have a major impact on the wellbeing of the persons in these rooms. The hardest task of the designer is to create harmony between the material and the design. A room which does not visually appeal t

o the user or in which communication is difficult due to the high noise levels will not leave a lasting positive impression. A demanding specification for good appearance and effective acoustics can be perfectly matched by individual Bruag acoustic elemen

ts. A good example is the Restaurant Marina in Lachen. The ceiling was lined with 19 mm thick acoustic elements made of MDF board. The light coloured elements however not only support perfect room acoustics, but also add a visual dimension to the room, cr

eating a convivial ambiance which contributes significantly to the wellbeing of the restaurant's guests. In order to round off the overall image, perforated Formboard panels were also used in the interior and the exterior of the restaurant. The flexibilit

y of the individually produced elements leaves nothing to be desired and provides the opportunity for creating individually designed rooms, reflecting the character of the customer or the company itself.

BRUAG, Switzerland

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