Akustiksystem, Zweifel Metallbau, Amriswil

Akustiksystem, Zweifel Metallbau, Amriswil
Product description

Modern architecture tends to prefer smooth and ‘hard’ surfaces. While concrete, glass and solid wood can look very attractive, the application of these materials on their own can result in poor room acoustics. Bruag has developed a system which contribute

s significantly to improving room acoustics, using ceiling panels, wall elements or structured ceiling elements. This system boasts excellent test values. And in addition, it offers unique design options. You can bring your own design and choose out of ab

out 3000 colours, making the system standing out of from the rest.

Adding even more variety, the combination of Bruag acoustics solutions with LED-backlight enables to change the effect of the elements easily. Like this, the ambience of a room can

be adapted to the according mood and appear in totally different ways.

Materialmedium density fibreboard (MDF)

BRUAG, Switzerland

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