Formboard facade, family house

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Product description

The Formboard top pine facade system is a back-ventilated facade system using wood-based board with polyurethane bonding. These highly compressed wood-based boards are cut using laser technology and are then coated with diffusible wood-stain finishes in a

n industrial application process before they are delivered, including perforations, morticing needed for the installation and the support system with fixings. Designs using these boards are subject to timber construction regulations and also local buildin

g byelaws. The design of the wood protection details has a significant effect on the durability of the boards and the required maintenance intervals. It is therefore important to take account of local weather conditions such as exposure to hail and snow (

e.g. overlap detail, protection agains splashback). The top edge of the board must be protected against load impact.

All pictures: Michlig family house, Ried-Brig, Switzerland
Architect: Vomsattel Wagner Architekten, Visp , Switzerland

Formplain (closed)
Typecurtain /back-ventilated facades
Versionpermanently installed
Colorsshades of red

BRUAG, Switzerland