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Product description

Last year, the BuloDesigners developed Kei, a new modular desk concept with the organic form of a pebble serving as the starting point and the chaotic-harmonic overall image of a pebble beach as the architectural finishing point. Setting out from the &lsq

uo;new architecture' we present an organic furniture piece that is both sober and elegant AND following the ‘playmobilisimo' trend that has greatly influenced its styling as a result of the success of the virtual world. Desks as pebble shapes are em

inently suited to create beautifully organic combinations. These new shared hubs are flexible: one, two or seven pebbles can be fitted together in a myriad of different ways and are easily regrouped. Acoustic and linked wall elements serve as a flexible s

eparation between the individual workstations. These lightweight walls are easy to move around and can be adjusted to suit all different shapes. The dividers also act as notice boards and come in fashionable powder box pink and timeless black. In developi

ng Kei, we pursued simplicity, in style and in implementation. This has resulted in a single work top shape and one single colour. A table top in lily-white with an elegant support frame in coffee bean black. The tricot fabric-upholstered dividers are ava

ilable in different colours bringing the appropriate ambience desired. To the customers, this boils down to a simple and understandable concept: one desk as a building stone in a flexible organisation. We are promoting ‘collective individuality', mu

ch in the same way as cells in a living organism, or pebbles on a beach.

The new Kei and Mtoo collections were developed using ecologically responsible materials. Bulo places a great premium on responsible forestry. All MDF used in the new coll

ections is FSC-labelled. In future, Bulo is aspiring to market wholly FSC-approved products. Powder coating the MDF used is also an environmentally responsible finishing technique involving little in the way of waste material. Singular and distinctive mat

erials such as ceramics, felt, polypropylene are used, both for the appeal and the emotional value they exude whilst at the same time being either Co2 neutral or 100% recyclable.

Colorsshades of violet
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BULO, Belgium