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Product description

bulthaup b2 turns kitchens into workshops with an abundance of freedom to move around and with a unique organizational principle. 

Based on the philosophical origins of every living space – the fire and water point – bulthaup joined forces with Eoos to develop an open and mobile kitchen that can be added to and put together to suit the individual. bulthaup b2 is the logical continuation of the kitchen workbench. It defines the "kitchen workshop" in its original meaning – comprising a workbench + kitchen tool cabinet + appliance housing cabinet: The workbench for the fire and water point; the kitchen tool cabinet for crockery, cooking implements, spices and food; the appliance housing cabinet for the oven, dishwasher and refrigerator. In this, bulthaup b2 follows the principle of “clearing away anything superfluous”: All that remains is value – the best materials, the best tools, the best raw materials and the best crockery.

Material nut wood
stainless steel
Colors shades of brown
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