bulthaup lighting systems

bulthaup lighting systems

Lighting is often not bright enough in kitchens, but it also needs to satisfy emotional requirements. In ideal cases, you will always be able to choose between diffuse, ambient light or targeted spotlighting.

Every single light in the bulthaup lighting system has this dual function. Swivel lamps are suspended directly in the bulthaup b3 functional gap. Since they can be revolved around 270 degrees, they can act either as a targeted spotlight or can emanate a cozy, ambient light.

Wing lights are part of the functional box in the bulthaup b3 series. In various widths, however, they can, however, also be attached directly to panels or a regular wall. Their shade can be attached in three grid settings in order to provide glare-free illumination of various areas of the work surface or be used as ceiling lights to provide a diffuse, ambient light.

The product details of bulthaup technic can also be found in our new book. To obtain a copy, simply fill in the order form. In the Planning section too, you will find an overview of all the configurations and dimensions. Or visit your nearest kitchen specialist!

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