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Product description

Is it sound-absorbing material or outsize haute couture fashion piece? ONDA is both, a sculptural object and an installation homage to fashion and design. Underneath its size, its ruffles and flounces, ONDA hides an unexpected secret: the sound-absorbing function.
Design, technology, function: three ingredients of an absolutely new and exclusive product that Caimi Brevetti has developed with Moreno Ferrari as part of the patented Snowsound-Fiber technology.
Onda is a dress almost 3 meters tall, whose design and handcrafted manufacture use more than 28 meters of Snowsound-Fiber technology fabric, made up of soft polyester fibres with interwoven silver ions that are intrinsically anti-bacterial and fire resistant. The interaction between special acoustic fibres and the particular conformation of the object makes it possible for elements of the collection to reduce annoying echo, while also improving quality of life.
In this poetic relationship, the experience of the technical materials accrued by Moreno Ferrari, already designer for major fashion brands, meets with the expertise of Caimi Brevetti and Snowsound. The result is a collection of sound-absorbing panels, designed by internationally renowned architects and professionals, to transform these traditionally hidden objects into actual furniture.
ONDA represents the utmost in design and function.

Length3000 mm

Caimi Brevetti, Italy

Moreno Ferrari