Product description

Visual weightlessness coupled with superior functionality have always been the characteristics of Socrate, the flexible decorating system by Caimi Brevetti whose look is both current and contemporary. Socrate has expanded with a new version featuring a coated steel door in a variety of colours. Three basic colours in the warm matt hues typical of tempera paints (primary red, blue or turquoise, yellow), two intermediate colours (green and orange) and two natural colours inspired by the earth and stone (sand and gray), in addition to perfect black and pure white. Plenty of freedom to create beautiful and useful compositions: shelving system as well as storage unit, in an array of sizes, heights, and depths, which adapt perfectly to the home living space and the kitchen to the professional realm of office and contract use. The microperforated sheet metal used in the shelving system is another feature that sets apart the Socrate line, lending the product fine aesthetic and technological details. Microperforated shelves deliver perfect ventilation to the stored printed material, books or magazines, making dust less like to settle and show. The metal shelves have folded sides so they fit directly onto the horizontal rods of the uprights eliminating the need for additional support systems; this makes it easy to assemble and reposition the shelves of Socrate while also ensuring safety and stability.


Caimi Brevetti, Italy

Caimi Lab