Presented:Orgatec 2014, Cologne
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Product description

"Two parallel cables make up the structural track in a composition of panels that creates an efficient sound-absorbing system, essential to improving the sound quality of the space. The ability to freely locate the panels along cables makes it possible to construct dramatic backdrops." (Marc Sadler)

TRA is a patented system comprised of Snowsound® sound-absorbing panels suspended from a pair of stainless steel cables which are connected between two walls to maintain a natural curve. The supporting cables can be positioned at a number of inclinations.
The panels can suspended from the cables at a number of positions, thereby creating compositions that can be personalised for aesthetics and sound.

TRA is a single material panel with superior design, lightweight, and 100% recyclable, with Italian Class 1 and Euroclass B-s2, d0 classification as to reaction to fire.

TRA is a part of the Snowsound® Technology system. This patented technology delivers fast and simple acoustic correction.

The need to work and live in quiet spaces, while reducing annoying acoustic reverberation, is finally resolved in a wide array of products with an elegant design that can meet a variety of needs.

Research, quality, and attention to people and their wellness are the key features that mark the success of a truly unique product.

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Caimi Brevetti, Italy

Marc Sadler