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Product description

Chroma is the new glass mosaic collection by Casamood used to create exciting decorative looks with colour. These natural colours create dynamic, harmonious ambiences using delicate and vibrant shades whose tones can be personalized. Warm and cold shades

of colour find a new balance in glass matter, a precious opaline mixture that makes surfaces sensitive to maintain the rhythm between rich alternating, luminous reflections combined in unique and contemporary mélanges. Chroma is a mosaic concept that ope

ns new furnishing horizons. Its size 1.7x1.7 cm (tesserae on 30x30 cm paper sheets) creates walls that enhance the home, giving life to enveloping atmospheres. Chroma is versatile and can be coordinated with other Casamood and Casa dolce casa collections

to create exclusive installations and new combinations of different materials. Chroma's colour range contains 5 groups, each including 3 colours: the wild scent of Mosto, Malva and Peonia creates areas that communicate using nature's colours, Ribes, Viol

a and Iris are cold colours for modern yet delicate ambiences, Lavanda, Cielo and Acqua provide a feeling of peace and relaxation, the purity of Pietra, Perla and Ghiaccio make all areas in the home ethereal and boundaryless and the strong and decided tas

te of Muschio, Salvia and Eucalipto enrich glass with new decorative opportunities. Added to this rich, new palette are Giglio, the most important white that can be combined with any shade, and 7 different mélange colours. The colour design medium express

ed by Chroma allows creating imaginative decorative styles and extraordinary colour combinations. New living solutions can be created by using several solid colours in the same environment and separating them by implementing horizontal and vertical laying

or shading them off using the mélange colours.

Width18 mm / 300 mm
Height18 mm / 300 mm
Colorsshades of grey
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Casa dolce casa, Italy