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Product description

Under a Master Agreement with TOTO Europe GmbH in Germany, completely owned subsidiary by TOTO LTD. in Japan,Casalgrande Padana has developed Bios Self Cleaning Ceramics®, a new range of tiles that perfectly combine self-cleaning, antibacterial and pollut

ion-reducing properties by using HYDROTECT®technology.

Because of these exclusive properties, Bios Self Cleaning ceramics® can be used in interior and exterior architectural applications alike. Traditional or ventilated facings coated with Bios Se

lf Cleaning Ceramics® actually provide excellent self-cleaning properties as well as reducing the main airborne pollutants, substantially contributing to improving the environmental quality of urban settlements. Just think that a 150 sqmt facing coated wi

th Bios Self Cleaning Ceramics® can purify air as much as a wood as big as a football pitch or remove the NOx (nitrogen oxides from combustion) from 11 cars in a day’s time. While in interior applications, such as bathroom, kitchen, gym, swimming-pool flo

ors and walls, etc, they offer excellent antibacterial, sanitising and smell-reducing properties.

For the industrialisation and marketing of its Bios Self Cleaning Ceramics®, Casalgrande Padana has recently completed a new site in a dedicated area

of its plant. The exclusive formulation of the HYDROTECT® coating is based on a combination of two different active agents. One is titanium dioxide (TiO2), which gives the product photo-catalytic properties so that, when exposed to light (sunlight or art

ificial light), it provides self-cleaning and pollution-mitigation properties. The other is a well-balanced formulation of noble metals that offers antibacterial and antivirus properties as well. So, as opposed to common photo-catalytic products, because

of the exclusive combination in the HYDROTECT® coating, the Bios Self Cleaning Ceramics® tiles have bacterial-decomposing properties even without light.

Casalgrande Padana, Italy