Newood grey

Newood grey
Product description

With the new series, Newood, our intensive research and experimentation work in the domain of technologies, colours and decorations continues to characterize the glazed porcelain stoneware of the Granitoker line: last-generation materials obtained with so

phisticated manufacturing processes that ensure high technical performances associated with unheard-of aesthetic solutions.

With the mass coloured in the same tones as the surface, the elements of the new Newood collection are characterized by an e

legant match between the finishing layer, which proposes a slightly raised drawing with wood-like veins, always different, and the refined chromatic selection definitely oriented towards contemporary design.

Colour, design and matter are combined i

n a sort of multi-sensory stratification to convey pleasant sensations of tactile heat and visual softness, countered by the hardness and inalterability of the upper layer of the tile, which preserves the typical properties of the best glazed porcelain st


Newood is an advanced industrial product, extremely versatile and flexible in fulfilling the requirements of modern architecture. It is a ceramic material that generates unequalled levels of reference to Nature.

As regards aesthetic

s and composition, the Newood series has been further enriched with an extensive study of colours that led to our proposal of 8 soft colour shades: three neutral tones (black, grey, white) and five warm tones (wenge, brown, cream, beige, ivory).


th slabs all differing from one another, the Newood line consists of 10.5 mm thick square ground tiles that are manufactured in 45x90, 22.5x90, 15x90, and 11x90 cm modular formats, and is completed by special pieces (skirting, step, large step, angular st

ep). Characterized by high resistance to wear, slipping, bending, frost and staining substances, this porcelain stoneware is capable of fulfilling strict performance specifications and simultaneously provide appropriate composition solutions for any proje

ct requirement, whether it is for flooring or cladding applications, in all architectural domains, from residential to public and commercial buildings.

The Newood Outdoor version is available in the 11x90 cm format, specifically designed for outdoo

r applications, such as terraces, open galleries, swimming-pool decking and paving of green areas.

Like all Casalgrande Padana productions, the Newood series is also compliant with environmental compatibility standards. In fact, our company has alw

ays committed in the study of innovative technologies to produce high-performance materials with a low environmental impact, as proved by the ISO 14001 and EMAS certifications obtained.

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