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Purely traditional and disarmingly straightforward. It is no coincidence that the name Raja - which is Sanskrit for 'king' - was chosen for this strong, hand-knotted rug. After all, the Raja, made from the wool of sheep in the Himalayas, testifies to

a royal authenticity and a complete mastery of the craft. That is why everything is done by hand: from shearing the sheep to carding the wool, from dyeing the fibers and spinning the yarn to the ultimate knotting of the carpet. The result is a rug w

ith an unbeatable charm that is never plain in colour because of the many natural hues. Made of 100% Tibetan wool, possibly with the addition of Chinese silk for certain designs. Available as standard with and without designs. Own designs possible on

request. Individually hand-knotted in all sizes and shapes. Wide range of colours. Own colours on request. Can be used as a wall-to-wall carpet.

shades of red
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