Pret a Porter

Stylepark-ID: 01.7480.00048
Categories: Interior accessoriesLiving room / Office accessoriesMirrors
Product description

Standing or wall-mounted mirror brought about by a need to minimize the surface area of the mirror whilst maximizing functionality.
The comfortable handles, placed symmetrically mid-way up the mirror, facilitate transportation. A folding stand on the b

ack of the mirror assures stability on all types of flooring and offers the possibility of wall-mounting the mirror, transforming it into a simple yet elegant wall mirror.
"Pret-à-Porter, a mirror for all seasons, the dimensions of the mirror have been

studied so as to reflect the entire body, from head to toe.This timeit is really an instance where appearance counts, elevating an accessory that is often overlooked to a position of importance. A piece that elegantly reflects and increases in importance

with the passage of time."

Width 420 mm
Height 1450 mm / 1490 mm
Depth 516 mm / 40 mm
Functions collapsible
Material glass (unspecified)
Colors white
shades of brown

Casamania, Italy

Carlo Tinti