Stylepark-ID: 05.7480.00059
Categories: Home furnitureStorage / ShelvingSingle cupboards
Product description

A modular system rich in poetry. Valises combines to form a complete wardrobe system created to safeguard garments, shoes and accessories in style. The various ‘suitcase' modules are covered in recycled leather.
Valises is a nod to the elegance of by-g

one eras with a modern and fun twist. The design evokes the luxurious atmosphere of stylish leather suitcases. The wardrobe is an assemblage of six modules, each specifically designed to accommodate a type of garment. A puzzle that provides a place to sto

re your most beautiful suits or dresses, your most precious shoes, your loveliest hats, The design wanted to design a dynamic and flexible storage system, the opposite of those big and heavy wardrobes, which are difficult to transport.

Length 1180 mm
Width 1180 mm
Height 2100 mm
Depth 700 mm
Cupboard front finish folding door front
Material leather (unspecified)
Colors white
shades of green
shades of blue
shades of brown

Casamania, Italy

Maarten De Ceulaer