Presented:Orgatec 2014, Cologne
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Product description

Hemisphere hangers are here. So hang your wet coat out to dry on the Hemisphere of your choice! Hemisphere is a new addition to the Cascando collection. Created by the hands of Phil Procter, a British furniture & product designer, these wooden hangers bring a wall to life, adding a joyful experience to any space –big or small. Challenging the eye by using material and characteristics that breathe only one thing: desire. The hemisphere hangers are a colourful and playful additional to a wall. Available in the three different sizes, they can be used anywhere around the home to store coats, bags and accessories. A small angle on the rear of each hemisphere encourages playfulness when arranging the hangers as the tilt and orientation of each hanger can be decided by the user.

Materialwood (unspecified)

Cascando, Netherlands