duplo/ duplo kit wing

Categories:Outdoor lighting
Product description

The duplo models can be assembled on vertical poles with Ø 60mm tail end by means of the AD60 adapter allowing the mounting of one or two fixtures placed back to back. The dual-emission version allows also to light trees and buildings, thereby creating sc

enic and impressive effects. If the upward emission is not required, then the duplo/M version is available, featuring downward emission to street and pavement only.

Finally the "wing" version, thanks to an upper white reflecting screen, gives ref

lected light extremely soft and perfectly diffused recovering the upward illumination. For the most usual applications our poles PA400-PR450, with a height of 4 or 4,5 meters above ground level, are suitable. Other solutions with higher poles are anyway p

ossible for any application to obtain the maximum efficiency and the minimum energy consumption.

Inspection seal /certificationCE
Height4000 - 4720 mm / 4720 mm
Form of protection (DIN 40050)IP65 dust-proof/protection against: water jets
Safety classclass I (protective earthing)
Fire prevention classesF

Castaldi Lighting, Italy