egeo N2 Mast light

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Product description

A specific set of pole mounting accessories allows the single or multiple application of the "egeo" models on round poles (up to 6 units per pole). It is therefore possible to use these powerful and versatile fixtures to illuminate roads, avenues, squares

, shopping centers, green and sports areas, buildings, monuments, ect.

the SN60 tiltable joint with horizontal and vertical setting is a valuable and versatile mounting element that fits onto the tail-end of poles
(Ø 60mm) or

is assembled with other mounting elements (T60)

the T60 support, expresslydesigned to fit onto a vertical pole tang (Ø 60mm), allows the mounting side by side or back to back of a pair of egeo/N2 units equipped with an SN60 joint.

Width270 - 1010 mm
Height4000 - 4500 mm
Form of protection (DIN 40050)IP65 dust-proof/protection against: water jets
Safety classclass I (protective earthing)
Fire prevention classesF
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Castaldi Lighting, Italy