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Product description

Tarzan is an innovative system for underwater lighting, conceived according to the most advanced technical criteria. Designed for basins, fountains, water surfaces in general, and for any kind of swimming pools in reinforced concrete or prefabricated ones

of any thickness, it guarantees high performance and operation safety. Performs a perfectioned sealing system and is injected in light technopolymers, resistant to mechanical stress and to any kind of corrosion. The installation is simple and fast, witho

ut bolts and nuts of difficult use.

The system is supplied with a complete range of accessories, designed and thought to solve any problem, such as cables, sheathes, connection and sealing nipples, transformer and shunting boxes, etc. Units are d

elivered with 100W-12V lamp already fitted, protective sheath and feeding cable 2x2,5mm H07RN8-F already connected.

Tarzan system comes equipped with a complete range of accessories, designed to solve any problem.

Diffuser/reflector shapecircular
Height145 - 200 mm / 200 mm
Diameter206 mm
Form of protection (DIN 40050)IP68 dust-proof/protection against: submersion
Safety classclass III (protective low voltage)
Fire prevention classesF
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