C WC 52

C WC 52
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Product description

The Catalano's C Program is a wide family of sanitary-ware appliances that are the result of strategic concept that represent the natural development of the historical innovations of the company. It was a hard planning and productive commitment, never

before experimented by the company. It took three years of research work. The program is comprised of 30 products - washbasins and pans - and it is made up of 4 systems of washbasins : C1, C2, C3 and Cx - each washbasin is marked by formal and typologica

l solutions, recognizable and coherent - and a large system of WCs and bidets: "C". The circle and the oval are the two geometrical matrixes of reference that generate soft, simple and up-to-date shapes. Each product offers, even in smaller dime

nsions, comfortable solutions, designed to improve the users' quality of life. Thanks to its typological and technological innovative concepts, the program was awarded with numerous international awards.
Finally, in the large C Program there is

also a wide system of WCs and bidets, 9 items in total, joined by the common layout and, for the first time, clustered in a autonomous system, that can be matched with all the C washbasins. The C WCs and bidet are available in four different kinds and a

close-coupled version: the 54 wall-hung WC and bidet, that represents the result of a challenge to reach lightness and morphological purity; the 54 WC and bidet marked by a very low base and a lateral furrow, that relieves their external aspect; the 52 W

C and bidet floor version, of monolithic shape, essential and elegant, and the 52 Wc and bidet Light, of original design and compact size. A close-coupled WC, designed with a brand new cistern of compact depth, is part of the system, too.

Width350 mm
Height410 mm
Depth520 mm
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Catalano, Italy

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