Verso Bidet 53 wall-hung

Verso Bidet 53 wall-hung
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Product description

The system is made up of three pairs of wall-hung WCs and bidets and one 45 cm wall-hung WC, with a new generation of fastenings: VERSO 53 WC and bidet, with a quadrangular shape and a very reduced height; VERSO 53 bidet is prearranged for single-hole tap

s and it can be installed with wall-hung taps, in order to have a clean counter; ZERO 55 Wc and bidet, where a special rim gives a visual perception of lightness, the compact and light VERSO 50 WC and bidet, functional as the bigger ones, and the brand ne

w VERSO 45 that, in the minimum space, gives standard comfort.

Width330 mm
Height420 mm
Depth530 mm
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Catalano, Italy

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