Product description

Massimiliano Abati has intentionally transformed an everyday household object into something very evocative. The shapes of the structure that reproduce the trunk of a tree and the green of the controls that reminds us of leaves, create a symbolic, fun and

extremely practical domestic object. The shower tray is composed of ceramic tiles which can be set in square or rectangular compositions of various dimensions. The tree itself can be placed in any corner of the selected composition while, the designs in

relief decorate the tiles as well as guarantee a non-slip,surface. Once again, Ceramica Flaminia proposes an alternative to the usual use of ceramics through an ambitious and "visionary" project in which, as Massimiliano Abati explains, "an interpretatio

n is applied to a function".

Material ceramic (unspecified)
Colors white
shades of green

Ceramica Flaminia, Italy

Massimiliano Abati