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Product description

A collection in porcelain stoneware with a unique style that interprets in a contemporary way the structure of stone, faithfully re-proposing its textures, in line with the latest trends in architecture and design.
Fiordi contextualizes the expressive

richness of the stone using the perfect execution of Digital Technology system. Because of these effects, the new range is the ideal solution to give to each application, private or contract, an atmosphere of naturalness: the reproduced nuances create id

eal surfaces for floors with sober but absolutely fine nature. The attention to detail enhances the personality of the collection and underlines the high quality standards. Witness of these peculiarities is the surface finish which enhances personality an

d expression, making it the ideal method to communicate exclusively by touch a real ad hoc solution for unique areas. Ecoquality is a complex action programme that Ceramica Sant’Agostino has developed to coordinate all the work that the company has put in

to creating products that comply with the most rigid European and International standards implemented to protect the environment, persons and consumers.
Ecoquality is an ambitious and continually developing process that encompasses the entire organisat

ion of the company and it is objectively measured, and measurable, with the countless certifications that the company has obtained over the years.

Length750 mm / 375 mm / 250 mm / 600 mm / 300 mm / 200 mm
Width750 mm / 600 mm

Ceramica Sant'Agostino, Italy