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Product description

Royal Royal translates, through the porcelain stoneware language, the preciousness of "ancient" wood, recovered from the floors of ancient Villas or historical Residences or by the reconstruction of old country houses: wood and its grains become a primary

source of inspiration able to confer charm and elegance to any ambiance. Royal reinterprets wooden material, through the perfection of the Digital Technology, by reproducing faithfully the enchanting warmth thanks to the soft touch surface, with oiled wa

xed effect. The unusual square size - 75x75cm - allows Royal to escape the traditional use of the plank and to give light to environments of charm and pure elegance. The visual impact is quite stunning in both versions monotinta - Royal Nut and Royal Sand

– and bicolour - Royal Deco Nut and Royal Deco Sand - using two types of plots made with two different essences to enhance the graphics of the floors. When the visual perfection and quality are an inseparable combination for this new line, an additional

plus is given by the warranty of a Made in Italy production. In fact, Royal is the natural evolution of Ceramica Sant'Agostino’s philosophy committed for almost half a century to realize its products within the Italian territory and remaining loyal to it

s values and traditions.


Ceramica Sant'Agostino, Italy

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