Benu Splash

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Product description

"The exotic jungle motif of Benu Splash was hand-drawn in Christian Fischbacher’s design studio and superimposed on a watercolour. The colourful design is realised in France as an environmentally friendly inkjet print on a technically innovative decorative fabric made from recycled plastic PET bottles. Discarded plastic bottles are collected, crushed, melted down and spun into polyester filament yarns that are subsequently woven into the fabric. With Benu Splash, Christian Fischbacher has managed to unite sustainability with the highest aesthetic demands. All the fabrics in the Benu collection are made from recycled materials and are examples of sustainability and environmentally conscious production.

Decoration Fabric
2 Colours
Composition: 100% PES
Width: 145 cm
Weight: 90 g/m²

Total weight9 g/m²
Fabric colourmulticoloured
Fabric widthto 160 cm
Width of fabric reel approx.1450 cm
Colorsshades of violet
shades of blue
shades of green
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Christian Fischbacher, Switzerland