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Feel at home even when out and about – plenty of people who travel a lot would love to feel this. By expanding its range with the EXECUTIVE SUITE hotel collection, comprising bed linen, terry towel products, pillows and duvets, Christian Fischbacher is taking the rst small step to attaining this dream.

The six designs from the EXECUTIVE SUITE hotel bed linen collection, which are named after ve famous cities, originate from Christian Fischbacher’s creative studio located in St. Gallen and are produced in Europe. The Swiss family-run company’s passion for developing attractive designs on the best materials using the most advanced techno- logy is now in its sixth generation. With Michael and Camilla Fischbacher at the helm, this current, cosmopolitan-thin- king generation is especially responsive to the needs of a globalised society. Increasing mobility, the love of travel and the rising workload of hotels are creating greater demands on how the material is used. Due to the high quality standards of the cotton used at Christian Fischbacher, it is particularly suitable for heavier use: it is easy to look after, breathable, sustainably processed and retains its natural brilliance.

Different designs and customisation can be achieved during the production of the hotel bed linen collection. The shrinkage values have already been accounted for in the tailoring, meaning that the nished measurements are only determined after the rst few washes. The white laundry is chlorine-fast and can be washed at 95°C thanks to the expert pre- and post-treatment of the product. Since the raw materials are available and stocked, we can guarantee a delivery time of six to seven weeks. The item LOGO is customisable. When ordering more than 300 metres, the hotel’s own logo can be woven in to further highlight the branding.

The range of terry towels in the hotel collection includes various twisted yarn and terry towel in three different qualities: Atlantic, Paci c and Mediterranean. The products can be customised by the weaving in or embroidering on of the hotel logo. This service is available for orders that are larger than a certain minimum order quantity. The terry towels are complemented by bathrobes, bath mats and bathroom rugs. The collection is rounded off with a ne selection of bedding products including pillows and duvets. Only top-quality down, feathers and synthetics are used for these products. At Christian Fischbacher, we only use materials from cutting-edge farms that consistently avoid live plucking.

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