Gentleman bed linen

Presented:imm cologne 2017, Cologne
Categories: Fabrics / TextilesQuilts / Bed linen
Product description

The GENTLEMAN and SIR designs, which are woven onto outstan- ding 105 swiss+cotton satin, epitomise timeless, unpretentious elegance infused with masculine charm. The bed linen sets, which are woven in Switzerland using Supima extra-long-staple cotton in a satin weave, are characterised by a particular sheen and smooth- ness, as well as by a soft, flowing fall. Fine, black, woven pinstripes with SIR and delicate black checks with GENTLEMAN, each spaced at intervals of three and a half centimetres, stretch out uninterrup- ted over the white background of duvet and pillow. As the names suggest, SIR and GENTLEMAN embody noble designs with a dash of dandy chic.

Fabric colourmulticoloured
tumble-drying possible
moderately hot ironing
Fabric widthto 300 cm
Width of fabric reel approx.295 mm

Christian Fischbacher, Switzerland

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