Création Baumann

Presented: Orgatec 2014, Cologne | Year of design: 2014

Création Baumann is renowned for its innovative and comprehensive acoustic collection consisting of opaque and transparent fabrics with prodigious acoustic values.

Intensive research and targeted development by the Swiss textile specialist in these textiles have culminated in “Deltacoustic” and “Zetacoustic”, two new transparent products with exceptionally high sound absorption values. The two fabrics are ideal for applications in the contract sector and owing to their look which emanates ease and comfort can also be used in residential furnishing.

The semi-transparent “Deltacoustic” with its quiet, natural surface is available in 17 nature inspired hues from stone and chalk shades to warm rust and gold tones. The more transparent “Zetacoustic” with an elegant textured look is offered in ten colour settings; the subtle colour diversity makes it ideal for integrating into contemporary architecture. Both 300 cm wide textiles let daylight into the interior and captivate with aesthetics and functionality in equal measure. They provide privacy, are easy care and possess for transparent fabrics exceptionally high sound absorption values of αw 0.6 to 0.65.

Along with the first three sheer acoustic fabrics "Alphacoustic", "Betacoustic" and "Gammacoustic", "Deltacoustic" and "Zetacoustic" are manufactured in Trevira CS and flame-retardant. The ultra-technical weaves feature different facing and reverse sides and owing to the use of transparent foil yarns, are efficient sound absorbers.

With the new, elegant and comfortable fabrics Création Baumann is strengthening its competence in the field of acoustics and is the worldwide leader with this range. Research and manufacture is conducted at the headquarters at Langenthal in Switzerland, where the textile company can also fulfil customer specific requirements. All evaluation data and test reports of the acoustic collection are made available to acoustic specialists, planners and interior designers making Création Baumann a competent partner for interior acoustic textile solutions.

In summary the new enlarged acoustic collection now offers five transparent textiles and a total of more than 90 products in diverse styles from technology inspired to warm and elegant options.

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