Presented:Orgatec 2016, Cologne
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The working world is changing at a terrific pace and with it so are the offices: Twin offices are yesterday, open plan interiors with different working zones are the reality. However, open plan offices make exacting demands for glare and sun protection, privacy as well as efficient temperature control. Expanses with reverberant surfaces, such as concrete wall and large glass frontages, require also solutions for the reduction of the stress factor noise.

The office of the future must allow for optimal control of heat, light and acoustics. The demands are for energy efficiency as well as user comfort. Création Baumann recognised this early and carries in its range both a comprehensive acoustic collection as well as a collection with innovative, metallised fabrics for the control of light and heat.
Intensive research allows the textile specialist from Langenthal in Switzerland to expand its range of highly functional textiles further. With “Reflectacoustics”, the transparent curtain fabric, the design team succeeded in launching a multi faceted virtuoso. The weave unites several different functions in one: It offers a high degree of glare and heat protection, whilst also simultaneously absorbing sound. The sound absorption value lies by αw 0.6. The two sided weave incorporates a special aluminium metallised yarn in the weave of the reverse. The exterior facing side reflects the sun light minimising heat ingress without significantly affecting the transparency. To ensure that the fabric remains sufficiently sheer, the experts employ a stripe solution. Transparent sections alternate with slightly more opaque sections. “That was a clever piece of engineering”, says Eliane Ernst, the product manager. “We now have in our product range another innovative solution.“
The washable, multifarious textile is available in neutral colours. With “Reflectacoustic”, a worldwide revolutionary new product, Création Baumann enhances its competence in the sector of functional fabrics still further.


Iconic Awards 2016: Interior Innovation – Winner

Fabric colourunicoloured
Cleaninggentle wash cycle 30°
Fabric widthto 300 cm
specialty fiber (Trevira CS)

Création Baumann, Switzerland

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