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Large window expanses and constructions made of glass let a lot of sunlight into the interior to flood the room with light. To ensure good planning, it is vital that appropriate interior shading is taken into consideration. Unwelcome ingress of sun rays and heat can quickly be perceived as uncomfortable. To prevent this, Création Baumann is offering innovative, technical solutions in the “Silver & Steel” collection and with “Shelter”, an advanced engineered textile, is enlarging the comprehensive range of practical and functional fabrics for curtains and interior shading systems.

“Shelter” is the perfect textile all-rounder. Unaided at the window, the flame-retardant fabric wards off intrusive stares and glare whilst providing protection against ingress of heat and UV rays for applications in the contract sector and residential furnishing. The textile is woven in a basket weave which generates a filigree screen like pattern allowing sun light to shine softly through the delicate porous weave. The reverse side of the textile is vapour coated in aluminium. During the advanced technical process ultra fine aluminium particles are affixed to the textile in a special vapour chamber; culminating in a fabric whose reverse reflects approximately 40% of sun rays. These high rates of reflection reduce light ingress and generate diffused lighting without glare. Simultaneously heat ingress is reduced; thus a 300 cm wide width of “Shelter” has a transmission value of approx. 5 - 8% depending on the colour.

The curtain fabric ingeniously unites functionality and innovation and bestowing comfort and elegance to an interior with its pleasing, yet understated surface. With “Shelter”, Création Baumann, the textile company from Langenthal in Switzerland offers yet another ground breaking development in a selection of 16 colours. Available from specialist outlets from the autumn of 2014.

Total weight24.6 g/m²
Fabric colourunicoloured
Fabric functionsdimmer
Cleaningchlorine bleach not possible
Flame resistanceflame retardant
Fabric widthto 300 cm
Width of fabric reel approx.3000 cm
Colorsshades of beige
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Création Baumann, Switzerland

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