Product description

EDGE is a refined and elegant table and soft desking system.
The system can cater for individual café and meeting tables up to cable managed group working conditions and boardroom tables.

The tables come in flat-pack form and are e

asy to assemble. The table surface is offered in laminate, veneer and glass, and can be specified either set down and within the aluminium frame or on top with an exposed EDGE.
The basic version of the table is supplied with an integral intelligent

frame that is set beneath the table surface.

This frame allows every table to be retro fitted with a set of accessories, from a cargo net to deal with cable management and under-mount CPU cradle to top-up screens.

The cargo net is e

asily installed via a simple spring-loaded clip that slots into the profile beneath every table. The mesh net has a number of holes that allow a sock to be positioned to take cables and data to the floor. A simple zip allows easy access.

A seri

es of screen options allow various functions to be offered either to individuals or to groups.
Single screens and the shared screens used to divide two desks for additional privacy are available in different surfaces.

For high-wear contrac

t environments it is recommended that glass be set down inside the frame.

Table finishfour-legged table
Table top shaperectangular
Materialhigh-press-laminat (HPL)

Danerka, Denmark

Tom Lloyd

Luke Pearson