Product description

3.0 interacts with ambient light in a new way. Eye catching, if positioned in an angle, it will draw attention on itself becoming a new point of reference. Further, it affects people’s perception because – contrary to tradition - the principal source of i

llumination, in this case, is not in the middle of the room. It extends tridimensionally along three orthogonal axes that diffuse light with tight control spreading it on three different surfaces. It can be affixed to the ceiling and to the floor in a spe

cular way so that two walls and the ceiling or the floor can be illuminated. It generates accent lighting but given the reflection of diffuse illumination in the room, it can properly light a medium size room.

Undisputed protagonist of an environme

nt, it interacts with space in an original way but it will assume a low-profile when the user decides to dim its emission letting other lights create a scenario of shades and light. Through its luminous performances, it balances visual space perception cr

eating new equilibriums. Placed indoors, it can function as a traditional source of illumination or as an inspirational tool to influence space perception. 3.0 is adjustable in a very flexible and creative way due to an attentive study of luminous perform

ances. It is composed of an aluminium back on which opaque and opaline surfaces alternate to direct or control light diffusion. 3.0 looks like two intersecting “Ls”. One of the three arms is slightly out-of-alignment to allow a proper distance of the sour

ce from the ceiling or the floor and ensure a proper emission distribution that is not supposed to concentrate nearby the light fixture but should degrade uniformly. The luminous performances of the fluorescent sources allow additional opportunities to ch

ange environmental perception. Each one of these can be of different color temperatures or colors offering optimum performance solutions and combinations.


3X24W (G5) FDH

Stand/ mountingfixed mounting
Diffuser/reflector shaperectangular
Length650 mm
Width650 mm
Height700 mm
Installation diameter900 mm

Danese, Italy

Stefano Boeri