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“D.E.M – Dream Excursion Module – is an experimental challenge: a home product design for fantasy journeys. While ensuring comfort, a space capsule made of natural wood allows you to travel to “fantastic” places with your imagination. D.E.M offers differe

nt spaces: for sleeping, eating, food storing and privacy”. D.E.M can close up and be inhabited. It is composed of three modules that can be arranged as one pleases. Outdoors, D.E.M can be used for short stays, as a hotel or chalet extra residence. It can

be transformed into an exploring object and used by adults or into an object to be explored by kids. For aerodynamic reasons, D.E.M is made of unusual materials: stone pine wood from Dolomiti, iron nails and elastic strings. Danese is the manufacturer of

this product designed by Joachim Falser on the occasion of man’s moon landing 40th anniversary and presented as part of her thesis at Bolzano University on 20 July 2009. A mysterious and poetic object, it can be used outdoors or indoors, closed as a micr

o environment where private space is guaranteed or open in useful and interrelated spaces. It is a product that fits well in Danese’s collection and it is just as fascinating as Luoto micro environment and Mari’s eco educational games. It is a project tho

ught out to let adults dream and kids play. Materials were chosen while bearing in mind details and emotional aspects. It is made of a peculiar kind of wood, pine stone, which smells nice and is therapeutic. It helps blood circulation, insomnia and neurov

egetative regulation.

Length3950 mm
Width1240 mm
Height1500 mm
Depth800 mm
Seat finishwith upholstery
Seat functionsadjustable seat angle
Base finishwith legs
Backrest finishwith back padding
Armrest finishwith armrests

Danese, Italy

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