Due Quadrat Mounted light tower

Presented:Euroluce 2013, Milan
Categories: Interior lightingSurface mounted lightsCeiling mounted lights
Product description

Due system represents a paradigm change in the way of interpreting the light, thanks to a synthesis between the latest LED technology , the innovative circular asymmetrical optics and the division of installed power and emissions. It combines two performa

nces that have been divided so far: a soft comfortable down light and a controlled dark light.

Thanks to an excellent performance, resulting from the geometric and material properties of the optics, Due guarantees significantly lower energy consump

tion (for the same illuminance) than the existing down light halogen systems or than the traditional office fluorescent dark appliances.

It interacts perfectly with any existing spatial technology, allowing a technological updating both in performa

nces and in managing and energy commitment, offering the possibility of replacing a previously installed lighting device.

Stand/ mountingfixed mounting
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Danese, Italy

Carlotta de Bevilacqua

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