Product description

Squadrata is a wall lamp system thought out to fit well in the architecture. Given its shape of a truncated cone, it becomes just a wall protuberance. Such unevenness creates an interruption in the rhythm of its sequential repetition or module combination

and originates a life giving graphic composition of dark and light colours. It is the result of a blend of lightened cement, treated with a waterrepellent finish to guarantee its impermeability (IP65) and both outdoors and indoors use. The cement is natu

ral grey; the surface finishing is neutral to allow further treatment or varnishing in case the user wants to make it match the wall on which it is applied. Thanks to a peculiar magnet fixing system of the cement body of the bearing plate applied to the w

all and the regular geometry of the profile, the user has four different options to choose from to regulate the position of the body of the lamp at the time of the installation. the three 1,5W LED of the smaller version ensure low power consumption and id

eal illumination for transit areas. The protective opaline glass avoids dazzling thus it can be used not only as a marker but also higher as an appliqué or as a basic module to create infinite compositions, responding to all types of lighting needs. The f

luo sources of the bigger version allows a widen emission that fits perfectly not only for passages but also for large rooms.


squadrata12 3x1,3W LED
squadrata30 1x42W (Gx24q4) FSMH

Stand/ mountingfixed mounting
Length120 mm / 300 mm
Width120 mm / 300 mm
Height55 mm / 85 mm
Installation diameter900 mm
shades of grey

Danese, Italy

Marco Merendi

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