Two Flags table lamp

Presented:Euroluce 2011, Milan
Categories: Interior lightingTable lamps
Product description

The project of Two Flags starts from an extruded belonging to Danese’s production that has been newly interpreted as a lighting body. The stretched and flat shape is perfect to insert two different sources: a halogen or, overall, strip led mounted on the

extremities on the profiles that create a double emission, a direct and an indirect one. They’re not identical but they have been balanced to supply a more intense flux on one side and a flux that simply brightens up the body lamp and the just surroundin

g space on the other side. Depending on the version in which the body lamp is mounted, the emission can be oriented upwards or downwards to better exploit the features of the lamp itself. The body of the lamp of each version is adjustable according to dif

ferent functional principles. The tilting movement of the wall lamp allows to point the emission towards the wall where the appliance is installed or to open it, directing it upwards on the opposite side. In the floor and in table version, the body lamp r

otates on the pole and it is also adjustable in height so that it’s possible to place Two Flags near or to push it away from the working top


2x2W + 8x2W LED

Diffuser/reflector shaperectangular
Width240 mm
Height650 mm
Depth75 mm
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Danese, Italy

Neil Poulton

Ernesto Gismondi

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