Una Pro mounted ceiling light, swiveling

Product description

Una Pro is the result of a new design approach. The objective was to obtain the same high performance of a halogen spotlight from a LED one, but at the same time the classic spotlight icon was brought up for discussion. Thanks to new significant technolog

ical innovation, the old concept had to be reinvented and so did the looks and main features of an entire category of luminaries. Important purposes were also energy and material saving and light duration.

Due to innovative research and a well-prov

en expertise, the spotlight system performance is the same as that of previous halogen systems but the overall performance achieved is much better. In fact, the energy consumption of these spotlights (15x15 cm) is low. Now, the user’s relationship with th

e environment is revolutionary and his interaction with it is free and creative.

Una Pro is a basic and simple product but it sums up highly patented technological principles allowing, with only a few LEDs (9, 12 or 16) thus with very low energy co

nsumption, the illuminating performance of an AR111 halogen spotlight. Una Pro’s aesthetics are dictated by technical, manufacturing, electrical, thermal and structural reasons. The profile is flat and the components are barely visible. The lamp is made o

f aluminum, is light, easy to dispose and eco-sustainable. Una Pro spotlight system is composed of a few highly specialized components: -a small joint that allows a 360° rotation on two axis and a 180°rotation on the third one ensuring a total freedom of

movement to the different heads -on the basis of highly patented technological principles, a very thin aluminum sheet that hosts high quality electronic components, a dissipation system and the housing and fixing of optical elements. The user can modulat

e heat dissipation in order to enhance LED life and performance. -LEDs of different colours (cool, neutral or warm white) to ensure quality light adaptable to different scenarios; sets of 9, 12 or 16 elements assure a good synergy between performance and

consumption. -three different sets of lenses that can be easily changed an infinite number of times without the use of any tools (even when the spotlight has already been put up). They allow three different emissions (6°, 20° and 38°) and regulate the op

ening of the luminous flux with much more precision than with the classic halogen spotlights (variance margins 1° - 1,5°). -a series of structures that allow wall, ceiling, binary and built-in setting ups of a single element or multiple elements Aesthetic

s and dimensions are dictated by a design that focused on technical and performance features. Una Pro fits in any type of environment and adapts itself to all sorts of architectural choices. It is very subtle and the built-in version can be “invisible” wh

ilst the attention is given to light emission and the expressiveness of the colours provided. Even after the initial set-up, it is possible to combine the components in different ways, according to specific needs and settings.

Una Pro is a very fun

ctional and basic product, ecosustainable too. There is no material waste, the components are easily separable and recyclable and the aluminum sheet used is recycled already. Use of LED sources ensures low energy consumption (about 80% less than halogen s

ources with similar performances) and longer product life (of at least 80,000 hours, almost 9 years of continuous emission). The size and weight of the product make transport easier. Una Pro is the natural evolution of Una, system that due to its infinite

and varying creative features meets the continuously changing functional and emotional needs of man at home, work or in public and private places. It is designed to illuminate infinite environments and its light lends itself to being interpreted in many

different ways.

Length285 mm / 310 mm
Width150 mm / 170 mm
Stand/ mountingfixed mounting
Diffuser/reflector shaperectangular
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Danese, Italy

Carlotta de Bevilacqua