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Tweeter is one of the most remarkable families in the Delta Light collection, destined to become a longstanding classic. Available as ceiling recessed and ceiling surface mounted, Tweeter introduces new levels in flexibility, both in movement as in lighting application. With Tweeter Delta Light introduces the ERS – Ex-centric Rotation System®. Both versions are characterized by an asymmetrical hinge joint, combining extreme rotation and tilting abilities, all in one swift whirling motion. The recessed Tweeter versions enable a maximum fusing of light and architecture. The spotlight heads are identical to the surface mounted installation and handling is simple and convenient. The double shell design prevents ceiling exposure, while the flexible inner shell tailors for any lighting need. Ultimate refinement is reached with the Oreo principle, a subtle aureole of light circling around the central led, for improved lighting aesthetics. The application of the Ex-centric Rotation System not only upgrades movement of the fixture, but more importantly also provides advanced lighting abilities. The rotation mechanism was designed so that the light beam is not cut off, resulting in maximum efficiency. The Tweeter On strikes a perfect balance between lighting quality and energy efficiency, adding value to the design statement of its environment. Available with single, double or four spots, Tweeter On comes with Delta Light’s unique Reo led array technology only. This striking yet elegant fitting suits every interior environment, pleasing the user with its supreme suppleness and intriguing appearance. Tweeter excels thanks to its ingenious design, refined to the last detail. The Tweeter Trimless and Tweeter On FRL & SBL were added with the launch of The Lighting Bible® 11. When finished with the SBL glass you will obtain a more diffuse light effect, with the Fresnell lens results in more delineated 35° light beam. These four versions provide a more robust and retro look & feel.

Height11.4 mm
Diameter16.8 mm
Weight0.09 kg
Form of protection (DIN 40050)IP20 protection against: solids > 12 mm
Safety classclass III (protective low voltage)
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Delta Light, Germany